Imagine a church that isn’t focused on the size of a Sunday morning crowd but celebrates people living in community with one another.
Imagine a church family that not only gathers together on Sunday, but gets together throughout the week to grow in Christ and serve our city together.
Imagine a church that passionately pursues all generations, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds.
Imagine a church that is committed to embracing the mature, and engaging the young.
Imagine a church that isn’t so much about a place with programs, but a people with a purpose.
Imagine a church that reflects the full beauty and diversity of our city. Imagine a church where college students, single parents, refugees, and city council members all gather to worship Jesus.
We are not just imagining a new church to attend, but a people living as the church, for the glory of God and the good of others!

Is Jesus inviting you to be a part of Mercy Hill Church?

You are welcome no matter what your spiritual background is. Whether your are a skeptic or what I like to call, “A Senior Saint,” we believe God meets us where we are at and transforms us into who He longs for us to be. Jon Spallino, Lead Pastor