Dating Goals

April 22, 2018 – Pastor Jon Spallino, Lead Pastor

Healthy relationships are key to a follower of Christ’s growth. Singleness and dating get a bad rap in our culture and sometimes we are better at preparing for divorce than a fulfilling marriage. Unfortunately, the AV messed up, however I hope this short synopsis below helps.

Singleness is not a disease or something to run a way from. It is an opportunity for God to work on your character whether or not you’d like to be marriage on day. If we start seeing our singleness as a time to grow and be used by God, we will see great things happen. 

Dating is a mess in our culture. Sometimes it resembles trying to sell a used car. You hide all the imperfections, and highlight all the good. However, God tells us some ket principles from Scripture that we can follow that will aid you if you are seeking a dating relationship.

Prioritize the character forming process for both you and the other person. You should have a good idea of their character before dating them. 

Time is a good thing. In order to know their character spend time with them without the heart strings of dating.

Find Godly council to show you areas of growth and blindspots that you may not see. 

Trust in God’s timing for He knows when it is best for your to be in a dating relationship.

Be in the same spiritual family. Jesus should be the most important thing to you and to your significant other. If Jesus is the most important to you, how to do you expect to share that side of your with another person. If the purpose of marriage to help each other grow in your relationship with Jesus, can they help do that when they don’t have a relationship with Him?


1. Is a relationship with Jesus enough for you?

2. In what ways have you been impatient with God in the singleness or dating stage of your life?
3. Are you spiritually ready to be in a relationship. 

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“If God offered you a fulfilling relationship with Jesus but no romantic relationship in this life, would that be enough?”Jon Spallino